Monday, June 29, 2009

Word & Name Albums

Here are some word books that I've made as orders for people and also as gifts. Most of the Word and Name albums I make don't include pictures, but I always include photo mats so that the receiver can put their own photos in.

This was a shower gift for my friend. It was actually the very first name album I made! I think it's probably one of my all-time faves.

This is an album I made for my friend Rebekah, who is having a baby boy, due in September!

The "It's a Boy" flap on the right opens up to reveal a photo mat where she can put a picture of little Aidan!

This was one of my favorite name albums that I've done! It was a special order from the craft show. I think I work best when I have pictures to include in the albums. It helps me personalize it to the max!

I custom printed the "Statesmen" background print on acid-free cardstock, especially for this album! I did the same thing for the THS and AHS albums you'll see these are definitely one-of-a-kind, as they have my own custom background designer prints!!! :-)

This THS book was given to one of the THS football coaches last year.
I usually make the TEAM books pretty neutral with not a lot of embellishments, in case someone wants to give it to a guy!

I made an additional one of the AHS ones as a special order for an AHS alumni who is now a teacher at the school.

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  1. I always love handmade photo albums that come with picture frame mats . They are always unique, personalized and super fun to make!