Monday, August 31, 2009

LILY Album

Here is an album that I made for my massage therapist. She is currently pregnant as well...due just one week before me! I feel very blessed to have had her continue to do my massages throughout the duration of my pregnancy, because she's the only therapist I know of in our area who is certified in pregnancy massage!

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  1. hi there. i saw a "lily" name album you created on the web and feel in love with it! i was hoping that you wouldnt mind telling me how you made the pages that have the little note "lift here"...where it opens up to more hidden pages for pictures? i think it was the last 2 pages on the book you made.

    i would love to do that for the book i am making my daughter for her upcoming birthday...that way i can have the extra spots in it for pictures and still have some room on the other areas for people to sign in it and maybe write her a little birthday note.

    i hope you dont mind helping me and thanks kindly for your time!!!

    oh the website i saw it on was this one below: